G.K. questions and answers for competitive exams

2022-01-19 17:10:28
- Pinnacle Admin

General knowledge is a very important part of competitive exams because GK Questions and answers are asked in competitive exams. If you are prepared for any types of competitive exams SSCBank, and Railway you can command on General knowledge sections.ave prepared this blog to increase your GK level as well as increase your confidence level for competitive exams.

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Q.1 The World Environment Day is celebrated through the world on …… every year.


(A) May 8

(B) June 5

(C) July 11

(D) August 27


Q.2 FICCI expands to….


(A) Federation of Indian Companies of Commerce and Instrumentation

(B) Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industries

(C) Federation of International Chambers of Commerce and Industries

(D) Federation of Indian Conglomerate of Commerce and Industries


Q.3 This place is also known as the ‘Manchester of South India’. Identify it from the given options.


(A) Madurai

(B) Coimbatore

(C) Bangalore

(D) Thiruvananthapuram


Q.4 Approximately what portion of the world’s population resides in India?


(A) One-third

(B) One-fourth

(C) One-fifth

(D) One-sixth


Q.5 Decibel is the unit of….


(A) frequency

(B) wavelength

(C) sound

(D) luminous intensity


Q.6 Which of the following trains is India’s first certified ISO-9001 train?


(A) Mumbai-Delhi Shatabdi Express

(B) Magadha Express

(C) Bhopal Express

(D) AP Express


Q.7 Central Leather Research Institute (CLRI) is based at…..


(A) Varanasi

(B) Chennai

(C) Hyderabad

(D) Kanpur


Q.8 December 1 is celebrated as the…… throughout the world.


(A) World Health Day

(B) World AIDS Day

(C) World Human Rights Day

(D) World Habitat Day


Q.9 Who wrote the book The Algebra of Infinite Justice?


(A) Virama Seth

(B) Rohinton Mistry

(C) Anurag Mathur

(D) Arundhati Roy


Q.10 ‘Manas Tiger Sanctuary’ is in


(A) Rajasthan

(B) Aasam

(C) Madhya Pradesh

(D) Uttar Pradesh