How to Prepare English for Competitive Exams?

2021-07-13 16:15:00
- Pinnacle Admin

To prepare for English, we must acquire few habits in our life. These include as listed below-

·        Reading Habit. ...

·        Talk to yourself in English. ...

·        Learn about Grammar Rules. ...

·        Self-Assessment on a Weekly Basis. ...

·        Sharpen your Listening Skills.

 Apart from these steps, we will discuss here few important habits to follow, so as to be ready for your examinations.

This time, we’ll start with-“How to enhance Vocabulary”

Vocab is a set of words within an individual’s language. It is generally developed with  age, and is useful tool for communication and knowledge.

There  are four types of vocabulary:-listening,speaking,reading and writing.

Vocab plays an important role in all spheres of life so we will be discussing five words daily so that the aspirants language becomes stronger to face the competitive exams. Today’sletter is ‘P’

·       Placate -  Make less angry, soothe, calm down

·       Panache– A confident stylish manner

·        Petrify-  Paralyze with fear

·       Provoke - Cause a strong reaction, deliberately annoy or anger, stir up to do   something     

·       Piecemeal- Done in a gradual and inconsistent way, piece by piece