How to set time-table to succeed in competitive examinations

2021-07-19 15:43:11
- Pinnacle Admin

Today in the world of competition and in this covid era when everything is getting miserable like job,income,epense and cotliness, it is so hard to survive in the private world so here in Pinnacle we have taken a lead to help students to crack government sectors exams in few attempts.

Steps to crack exams:-

1.     Step 1: Make a time table with short term and long term goals to be achieved

2.     Step 2 Elaborate studies with exhaustive  practice

3.     Step 3: Evaluate your studies through topic test and mock test

4.     Step 4: Stay positive and confident

Time required for studies of competitive exams

Studying hard is extremely required so if one is willing to crack one day eams in first attempt then atleast six to seven hours of studies daily is required.

The toppers follow a consistent, daily study routine. After the teacher has explained a course in the class do a homework on this. This will help you pick the topics or stuff which seems to be complex and then later on discuss with your teacher to make that simple. Following this practice will clear all your doubts.


Time Table of Study


·        THE aspirant  should study five hours before lunch and three hours iin the evening

·        Sleep of 7.5 hours at night with a 20 minute nap in the day time.

·        Exercise in the morning and a walk in the evening.

·        Frequent breaks and.

·        Multiple subjects .

How to become topper-

 Toppers initially cover the syllabus then they focus on revision through practice sets so as to know their careless mistakes and improve accuracy .

Toppers usually collect and write notes much before the exam so that they do not miss any important topic during their learning process. Make sure that you check your notes regularly for achieving success in your exams.