Aptitude Question For SSC Bank -Time and Distance

2019-12-27 11:51:30
- Pinnacle Admin

1) 25 men can complete a piece of work in 16 days. After 4 days from the start of the work, some men left. If the remaining work was completed by the remaining men in 15 days, then find the men left after 4 days from the start of the work?
a) 3 men
b) 4 men
c) 6 men
d) 5 men
e) None of these

2) 10 women and 6 men can do a work in 5 days. 7 women and 8 men can do a same work in 6 days. How long will 12 women and 3 men can take to do the work?
a) 4 ¾ days
b) 5 ½ days
c) 3 5/6 days
d) 6 ¼ days
e) None of these

3) 20 men can complete a work in 12 days. 6 days after they started the work, 5 men left the job. How many days will it take to complete the remaining work?
a) 10 days
b) 7 days
c) 8 days
d) 6 days
e) None of these

4) A and B undertook to complete a piece of work for Rs. 4500. A can do it in 12 days, B can do it in 16 days and with the help of C, they complete the work in 5 1/3 days. Find the share of C?
a) Rs. 850
b) Rs. 1000
c) Rs. 600
d) Rs. 700
e) None of these

5) If 4 men or 7 women can reap a field in 49 days, then what will be the time taken by 6 men and 14 women to reap the field?
a) 12 days
b) 10 days
c) 16 days
d) 14 days
e) None of these

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